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It’s no secret that summer reading can be a challenge for students. After all, the last thing most children want to do after a long school year is stay inside, stuck behind a book. But summer reading doesn’t have to be dreaded. Summer reading is a chance to expand your child’s mind and have them fall in love with reading. 

Throughout the school year, your child is forced to read and study topics that they may not have the most interest in. During their summer break, this is a great time to break out of the mold of requirement and into one of enjoyment. These methods can also go beyond summer reading, and can be instituted into nightly or weekend routines. The goal is to get your child reading for enjoyment! 

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7 Tips on How to Make Summer Reading Fun

1. Let Your Child Choose the Reading Material 

If your child is interested in a book of their choosing, then there’s no need to force or schedule them to read. The enforcement, which they have been given in school each day of the year is one reason why reading has turned into a struggle. It’s considered work, not enjoyment. Let them choose the book. Of course, you can give them a few different options in order to ensure that the material is appropriate. Maybe orchestrate your child into choosing a series, which may lead to them wanting to continue their reading. 

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2. Read in Different, Fun Places

Take your child to the park, beach, or camping. Bring several types of books: magazines, comic books, adventure novels, mysteries, etc. Maybe your child doesn’t like to read because they haven’t found a book that they have loved yet. Experiment! Also, children like to mimic – depending on their age. If you lay in the grass with a book in your hands, chances are they will also lay in the grass with a book in their hands. 

3. Encourage Discussions 

If you’re looking for ways to make summer reading more engaging, try encouraging discussions about what your child has been reading. Ask questions that require them to engage with the story outside of reading. As you take interest in what your child is reading, they will start thinking about the story on a deeper level and want to return back to it. 

4. Mix it Up 

Reading doesn’t always need to be done from a book–try mixing things up by having your child listen to audiobooks. This can be a great way for struggling readers to practice comprehension skills without feeling overwhelmed by text-heavy material. Also, after your child has finished the book – whether a paperback, ebook version, or audiobook then you can offer to watch the movie adaptation, if there is a version, of course. This can be a fun reward for them finishing the story. 

5. Visit the Library or Bookstore 

summer reading

Heading out to the local library or bookstore can help foster your child’s love of books as well. Letting them explore different genres and picking out books that appeal to their interests gives them an opportunity to get lost in stories without having any pressure involved. The best part is that these visits don’t have to cost anything. Libraries are great resources for the community, they offer free books and materials to check out, while also offering community events. There may even be a children’s book club available.   

6. Make it Family Time

summer reading

Can’t get your child to read? Read together! Maybe your child is struggling with focus. You can all take turns with each chapter, or you can act out each character. Make it a fun activity you can all do together so your child will be asking to read. 

7. Reward Reading

Rewards can be a great way to show appreciation for progress while also encouraging more progress in the future! Rewards don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. Something as simple as extra screen time or playing a game together after completing a chapter can be enough incentive for some.Or maybe even going out for an ice cream cone. 

1 Kids Zone Online Tutoring Services

Summer reading doesn’t have to be boring for your child. Allowing them autonomy and creative choice in their reading material, encouraging discussions, visiting the local library, and rewarding reading can change the way your child thinks or feels about reading. In school, reading has been taught to be hard work and boring. While what your child is learning in school is important, the method behind the work does not need to be present while your child is on summer break. Allow your child some creative freedom and they may even begin to love reading: any parent’s dream. 

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