Why bring a Special Education Advocate onto your child’s team?

Servicing grades K-5th with parents and schools working together as an effective team on behalf of the child with special needs.

In some IEP meeting situations, parents and school staff work together as an effective team on behalf of the child with special needs. At times, parents may feel overwhelmed by the IEP process and find they need support, be it moral support, technical support, a little coaching, or just to have another set of eyes and ears to help find solutions. These are times when a Special Education Advocate can be helpful to the IEP team smooth things over

Welcome to L.E Advocacy

Over 20 years, she has been helping families and administration by putting her advocative skills and experience to use in many ways. As a special education educator, for many years the most successful team meetings happened when parents felt heard, when technicalities and recommendations were explained to parents and supported with data, and when all team members including parents felt their input was valued. The student benefited the most.

My primary interest is in supporting children’s success in school. Every child has the right to an education in the least restrictive environment that works for them, to feel they belong in their school community, and to receive the support they need to have the same fair shot at learning as their peers. These are key conditions for a child’s growth and success in school, and in life. As your child’s advocate, and yours, I will work with you and the school to make things happen for the team.