If your child has been diagnosed with a disability, you may want to consider a 504 Plan. A 504 plan can help K-12 grade students struggling in the classroom. It references how the school will help your child with barriers in the learning environment. If your child needs additional help, consider virtual tutoring with a special education advocate. 

1 Kids Zone is a special education advocacy program, and we teach to the rigorous California Teaching Standards. We can teach your K-5 child who is struggling according to their unique learning style. Call 707-803-9889 to learn more about our programs and get your child on the right track for success! 

What is a 504 Plan? 

A 504 plan is an individualized education plan that accommodates students with disabilities in their classrooms. It outlines the specific accommodations and modifications to help the student have equal access to all educational activities and opportunities. Examples of these accommodations include extended time on tests or assignments, visual aids during lectures, or preferential seating. 

How Does it Help Your Child Succeed? 

A 504 Plan helps your child succeed in their academic environment. A 504 plan ensures that your child has access to the same educational opportunities that all other students receive, regardless of their disability. Additionally, it helps create an inclusive environment for all students by removing any physical or attitudinal barriers for those with disabilities. 

How Do You Get One? 

Your child must first be evaluated by professionals who can diagnose any underlying disability before setting up a 504 Plan. These evaluations will be forwarded to the school to determine whether or not your child qualifies for special services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Once they have been determined eligible, you can work with school officials to create an individualized plan specifically designed around your child’s needs and strengths.  

A 504 Plan is an invaluable tool that can help ensure that your child receives all the resources they need to thrive academically despite any disabilities they may have. Knowing how one works will empower you as a parent to confidently advocate for your child, so they can receive exactly what they need from their educational experience! 

With some planning ahead and determination from both parents and teachers, having a successful implementation of a 504  plan can make all the difference when it comes to helping children reach their full potential! ​

IEP Vs. 504 Plan

An IEP is a written document that outlines goals for the education of a student who has been identified as having special needs. It is developed by the student’s teacher, school administrator, and parents/guardians. An IEP also outlines the services or accommodations that will be provided to help the student reach those goals, such as modified instruction, extra time on tests, or physical therapy services. 

Meanwhile, a 504 plan protects students with disabilities from discrimination in educational settings. It offers comparable educational opportunities to students who need additional assistance due to their disabilities. A 504 plan does not include any specific academic goals. Instead, it focuses on providing accommodations or modifications that allow the student to participate in all areas of school life alongside their peers without discrimination. 

How Can Parents Get Involved With Their Child’s 504 Plan? 

Parents can be very involved in helping create and implement their child’s 504 plans. They should work with school administrators and teachers to identify which accommodations best serve their child’s needs. 

1 Kids Zone is happy to help parents through the plan. In our classes, we can show you the proper methods to help your child with home learning. 

How 1 Kids Zone Can Help

1 Kids Zone offers a unique and tailored approach to education. Our program gives children of all ability levels the opportunity to unlock their full potential. With engaging online materials as well as personalized tutoring programs, your child is sure to gain confidence in learning! Call 1 Kids Zone at 707-803-9889 to schedule an information session and learn how we can help your child succeed.