Access. Equity. Inclusion.


  • Observation of the student in his/her learning environment.
  • Attendance at IEP team meetings, via telephone, via teleconference.
  • Assistance with the development of data driven IEP goals.
  • Review of draft documents and recommendations. 
  • Collaboration with school staff, service providers, and community agencies.
  • Post-meeting debriefing with parents. 


  • Initial conversation with parents about their child’s needs.
  • Follow- up conversations by telephone or videoconference.
  • Support and guidance for parents in preparation for an upcoming meeting.
  • Review of the child’s existing IEP Plans, including present levels, areas of need, goals & services.
  • Analysis of the child’s current program, including feedback on compliance. 

How will we work together?

During our first consultation, we will discuss your needs, and how I as an Advocacy can help. Some families only want a brief consultation for guidance. Others want someone to become a steady member of the IEP team and to attend meetings with them for a time.