Tutoring Kids is committed to providing students the opportunity to achieve academic success.This policy applies to all students actively seeking tutoring, Preschool, Kindergarten or Tutoring services from Tutoring Kids .
1.Qualified Tutor:
a. Student tutor
Tutors/Teachers-seeking employment as a tutor/ teacher must successfully complete courses in which they wish to tutor or teach
a 2.2 or higher and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
b. Math Lab Professional AA or Bachelor’s degree in mathematics
c. Writing Lab Faculty

Policy Statement:
Tutoring Kids shall make every reasonable effort to identify, recruit, and employ qualified tutors.
Tutors may not be available for all Tutoring Kids courses. Reasons may include but are not limited to:
Lack of qualified candidates (e.g. new programs, new courses, or courses that are
offered infrequently)
Program commitments may not allow for student employment (e.g. second admit program students)
Tutoring Kids , Student Success shall develop and maintain procedures for obtaining referrals, completing the application process, and determining eligibility to become a tutor in a timely and supportive manner
 To provide an encouraging learning environment for students of all skills, backgrounds, and their aspirations.
 To proactively incite students’ development of critical thinking, problem solving, and study skills beyond tutoring sessions.
 Tutoring Kids appointments must be scheduled online through Tutoring Kids at tutoringkidz.com. Students must use contract us.
 Students may receive tutoring for a maximum of one or two hours per course, per week for up to three courses.
 ALL scheduled tutoring appointments take place in person or online Student Success ,
 Students MUST sign their tutor’s sign-in sheet for every appointment. Failure to do so will be tracked as a missed appointment.
 Students who need to cancel a scheduled tutoring appointment must do so through tutoring kids contract form or by phone.
 Tutoring Services requires that students cancel appointments with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be tracked as a missed appointment.
 You will be expected to pay for your appointment.
 Tutoring Kids Services reserves the right to remove students from weekly sessions if the student does not attend the session and fails to properly cancel the session.
 In an effort to ensure the quality of our tutor programming, Tutoring Services staff will reach out to students and request anonymous feedback on their tutoring experience.
 tutoring appointments must be scheduled online through Tutoring Kids or by phone at tutoringkidz.com.
Common Policies:
 Tutors are responsible for the behavior of the student being tutored.
 Parent/tutor conferences are monthly .
Website Privacy Policy
Tutor.com takes your privacy seriously. We know you trust us to help with your homework and we want you to know that you can trust us with your personal information.
Why We Need Your Personal Information
Tutoring Kids is personal. So, we need to collect some personal information from you to set up your account with us. Here are some of the things we need your personal information to be able to do:
 Make your tutoring sessions personal
 Store all of your past sessions, so you can review them anytime
 Complete your purchases
 Contact you about your account
 Send you newsletters by mail or email about our service
 Ask you for your feedback to help make our service better
 Respond to your email requests for information and/or customer service

You trust us with your Personal Information. So, we do everything we can to make sure your information is safe in our systems. Some things we will NOT do are:

 We WILL NOT sell your personal information to anyone
 We WILL NOT send you newsletters or promotional mail or email if you tell us not to

You and Your Parents Control Your Personal Information
You can visit the Your Account section of this website anytime to see personal information we have collected about you, and you can tell us if you want to receive any promotional mail or email from us.

If you are under age 13, a law called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) says that we must have a parent’s permission before we may collect and use your Personal Information. We will need this permission before we are able to create an account for you or provide you with any tutoring.

Note to parents of children under the age of 13:
You are welcome email us at tutorkids@live.com to review any identifiable information we have collected about your child. If you desire, you may request that we delete this information and/or specify that we collect no more of your child’s information. Please note that we will need to verify the identity of anyone requesting information about a child to ensure that the person is in fact the child’s parent or legal guardian, and that a request for us to delete all personal information about a child requires us to cancel the child’s tutoring account.