What happened at our online preschool and kindergarten academic program

Ages 3 years old;   3 times a week 1 hour per day ;  Ages 4 and 5 years old;   4 times a week 1 hour per day

  • Fine motor skills, hands-on activities
  • Language skills, we develop vocabulary skills and literacy activities
  • Gross motor skills, we develop body movement skills
  • Problem-solving skills, we develop critical thinking skills as they explore science, art, music, and play
  • Emotional skills, your child will gain confidence as they learn new skills
  • Literacy skills, your child will learn phonics, letters, sounds, and pre-reading skills
  • Life skills, your child develops an understanding of weather, seasons, animals, space, and more.
  • Math Skills, your child will learn shapes, colors, numbers, counting, patterns, sorting, and more
  • Social skills, your child will learn to share, take turn, follow directions and more